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Prototype Microwave Oven Agency Compliance Tester


Microwave Ovens  


  • UL compliance testing

  • fixed test sequence

    • up to 48 thermocouple inputs

    • up to 9 change of resistance inputs

    • user selectable thermocouple read intervals

    • user selectable change of resistance read intervals

  • IBM PC compatible based test system

  • Windows operating system

  • automatic control of test power with operator override capability

  • test parameters set in integrated/stand alone recipe editor

  • overvoltage/transient protection on all thermocouple input channels

  • temperature monitor window during test

  • runtime adjusting of test duration

  • automatic change of resistance measurements at end of powered test

  • EXCEL with VBA based report generator

    • calculation of max temperature on each thermocouple channel

    • temperature rise calculation on change of resistance channels

    • multiple tests in a single report

    • summary sheet for easy comparing of multiple test results

    • test data changes highlighted for security