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Arrel Enterprises has designed and built testers and test

systems for a wide variety of products


HID Luminaires

HID Ballasts

HID Starters

Compact Fluorescent Tester

Electronic Neon Ballasts

Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts

Modular Wiring Components

Power / Test Connection Block

High Voltage Attenuators


Gas, Electric, and Dual Fuel Ranges / Ovens / Gas Components

Cracked Igniters

Ice Maker Subassembly

Ice Maker Control Board

Iron Control Board

Toaster Control Board

Dishwasher Control Board

Automotive Components

Mechanical and Solid State Relay Modules

Electronic Flasher Modules

Air Vent Actuators

Starter Solenoid Overtravel

Power Tool Controls

Random Orbital Sander Speed Control Module

Trigger Control Switch

Textile Industry

Tenter Conveyor Deviation Monitor

Agency Compliance

Microwave Ovens


Aircraft / Helicopter Tachometer Indicator Calibrator