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Tenter Conveyor Width Deviation Monitor


Tenter Oven


  • high temperature silicone rubber package for heat insulation

  • overall package thickness less than 1.5 inches to allow free travel through oven

  • battery operated (4 AA) no external power or signal cables required

  • easy and quick setup on conveyor minimal conveyor off time

  • multichannel data logger capable of taking up to 25 readings per second

  • two linear distance sensors

  • independently measure deviation of each side of the tenter conveyor

  • sensors are spring loaded potentiometers each with 6.5 inch range

  • lightweight chain extends the sensor cable to the full conveyor width

  • sensor range accomodates conveyor spreading for carpet expansion

  • end of chain is fastened to carpet holding pins with small piece of web material

  • datalogger package can be placed in any side to side location on conveyor

  • easy initial position zeroing each sensor cable pulled out to reference mark

  • manual start trigger from small switch on the end of a cable

  • activate start trigger switch and drop on conveyor as datalogger enters oven

  • start trigger activation correlates data samples with distance through oven

  • software for laptop computer sets up datalogger through communication link

    • channel configuration 7 channels plus 1 temperature

    • sample rate

    • trigger mode

  • retrieve data with laptop at end of datalogging when package exits oven

  • flexible data presentation in form of data table or graph allows

    • comments

    • custom engineering units

    • printing

    • export to Excel in ASCII format