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Electronic Flasher Modules


         production line testing

         36 tests - 30 second test cycle time

         test triggered automatically by sensing module in fixture

         dual position test head for testing different type modules

         automatic test sequence

o        standby current

o        start time

o        flash rate and duty cycle

        hazard mode

         normal mode

         bulb outage mode

o        input power consumption

o        millivolt drop ( 4 terminal measurement)

         self test of module power supply and load circuitry every test cycle

         pass/fail tickets

         summary statistics tickets

         data logging for SPC

         date code stamping for passed modules

         operator acknowledgement of failed units before release

         calibration in software without hardware adjustment

         embedded IBM PC compatible system

         extensive multi-level utilities for

o        test parameters

o        test mode

o        tester diagnostics

o        model selection