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Gas, Electric, Dual Fuel Ranges / Ovens / Gas Components



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Cooking Products Test System

  • complete test system for electric, gas, and dual fuel cooking products

  • communicates with electronic control board for electric cooking products

  • repair mode displays failed steps for repair station

  • troubleshooting mode for single step selection in test sequence

  • barcode model and serial number entry

  • user friendly touch screen operator interface

  • automatic and operator prompted test sequence

  • slave monitor across line from test operator displays test sequence and operator prompts

  • user friendly test recipe editor to create unique test sequence recipe for each model

  • integrated with up line mass flow leak tester with barcode entry of model and serial numbers

  • high and low current measurement ranges for heating elements, lights, fans

  • measures BTU/hr for gas burners - natural gas and LP gas

  • easy gas calibration of BTU/hr to laboratory measurements with dry or wet meters or calibrated burner

  • easy electric calibration to external standard meter

  • integrated with up line defects entry using wireless barcode scanners

  • tester network separate from plant network including line host computers and data server

  • line testers communicate with each other and line host computer

  • line host computers communicate with tester network data server 

  • tester network communicates with plant network through plantshare folder

  • remote login to tester network data server to retrieve log files and update tester software

  • fail ticket printer

  • comprehensive system configuration and troubleshooting utilities

  • comprehensive test results data collection and transfer to tester network data server

  • barcode entry of model and serial number

  • verify up line mass flow leak test results and integrate into test results data

  • ground continuity

  • hipot

  • manual flame test for gas cooking products

  • check cooking product cycle and temperature controls

  • check lights, fans, self clean door lock

  • measure each electric heating element current and/or gas burner BTU/hr

  • check against high and low limits

  • operator entry of visual defects from list

Gas Ranges  

  • ground continuity

  • hipot (including quadrature hipot for electronic controls)

  • wiring checks

  • cracked ignitor detection

  • safety valve function

  • manifold leak detection (flow or pressure decay)

  • burner flow (BTU/hr)

  • computer aided/PLC based/manual testing

Electric Ranges  

  • ground continuity

  • hipot (including quadrature hipot for electronic controls)

  • wiring checks

  • heating element wattage and amperage

  • non-contact surface element current flow sensing

  • computer aided/PLC based/manual testing

  • microwave leakage

Range Handling System  

  • automatic range positioning

  • automatic electric surface element current flow sensing

  • automatic gas or electric hookup

Reports, Statistics, and System Setup  

  • automatic or barcode data entry

  • pass/fail tickets

  • daily production reports

  • Pareto analyses

  • local statistics and report displays

  • functional and visual defects database

  • repair station corrective action database

  • local networking of test/data collection computers

  • data transfer to plant host/mainframe computer

  • test recipe entry and editing

  • defect code entry and editing

Gas Appliance Components

Gas Valves

  • flow testing to verify calibration

Gas Manifolds  

  • leak flow testing (volume independent)

  • pressure decay testing

  • 20 to 200 cc/hr at 10 to 25 in. W.C.

  • 15 to 30 second test cycle