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Power / Test Connection Block 

  • pushin wire connectors

  • cover block with wire leadin guides

  • eliminates exposed wires and loose connections present with alligator clip hookups

  • easy and fast wire insertion by simply pushing wire into connector

  • easy and fast removal by simply pulling wire out of connector

  • solid or stranded wire is accommodated

  • frayed strands of relatively stiff wire can be inserted without straightening strands

  • packaged in small polycarbonate box

  • strain relieved power cable terminated in pigtail or connector of choice

  • assembly is durable and easy to repair

  • large and small size pushin connectors available to cover wide range of wire gages

  • large block with three to five contacts used for electric cooking products

  • small block with 3, 7, or 9 contacts used for fluorescent fixture testing

  • two separate circuits available in 9 contact block

  • easily integrated into existing test or hookup stations

  • can withstand repeated hipot testing

  • black (line), white (common), green (ground) / optional control connector

  • can be configured for any number of test connections

  • can be provided in other packages for custom requirements